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Now Watching is a complement for Windows Live Messenger that shows your contacts what video you are viewing via YouTube. Download and try Now Watching

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With this complement for Windows Live Messenger you will be able to show your contacts additional information about your status: what you are viewing in YouTube, Google Video, or the song that you are listening to by means of Windows Media. Now Watching will make it a lot easier for all your contacts to know all your actions on the Internet.

  As well as with Windows Live Messenger, you can also use Now Watching with your Twitter account, in such a way that your followers will also be able to know your changes of status.

  It is very easy to use: all you have to do is install Now Watching, to open your Live Messenger or Twitter account, and activate the option to show what your are listening to or viewing. Thus, when you watch a video or listen to a song, it will show the title and the website to all your contacts. The application can also be configured to add more websites to those that it already includes.

  Don't miss out on this complement and surprise all your contact with the videos that you watch and the music that you listen to.
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