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Noys is a Linux distribution specially designed for developers. Download Noys and you will have all the software necessary to develop applications

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Noys is a Linux distribution specifically designed for developers and focused on the web. Although Linux has always had more success among more advanced users, it isn't odd that there are distributions designed almost exclusively to be useful for programmers. Noys is one of them and by default it includes several suites and packs focused on the development of all kinds of applications.

  The modern interface of Noys is quick and functional, the distribution is a complete LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) system that provides a perfect test environment. Among the default programs installed in Noys we'll find:

  - Apache
- MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser
- PHP 5.2, with all the important extensions (PDO, MySQL, PEAR)
- Xdebug
- NetBeams
- Firefox and some useful complements (Firebug, Web Developer Toolbar, Greasemonkey)
- gFTP

  Thus, creating any development from start to finish is really easy, because this Linux distribution (that can be used as a LiveCD) includes all the software that a programmer may need and much more.
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