NT Registry Tweaker


Manage to make your computer offer a better performance once you download NT Registry Tweaker free. Optimize the Windows registry to speed up how it works

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Many of our computers problems can be caused do to the lack of maintenance of Windows Registry, that in many occasions it the responsible for our computers performance, because it is affected by each change we make in the Control Panel, install new software, etc... To be able to optimize it without taking great risks we need a tool like NT Registry Tweaker.

  This lightweight free application allows us to make changes in the Windows Registry to improve our computers general speed and performance, how Internet works and our computers security.

  From the NT Registry Tweaker interface we will be able to enable quick reboot, improve "My PC" and "Start Menu" speed, launch Explorer as a separate process, optimize Internet Explorer or disable regedit.exe, among other features.

  If you want your computer to recover its speed, don't think it twice and download NT Registry Tweaker.
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