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With Nukemap you will know how an explosion of an atomic bomb would affect your city. Nukemap allows you to introduce different factors to alter the result

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Have you ever thought what might happen if an atomic bomb were to explode near your town or city? Would you survive? Well it all depends on the force of the detonation, the radiation, if the explosion is in the air or on the ground... Settle your doubts with Nukemap.

Get to know the possible effects of an atomic explosion in your city

Nukemap is an application that allows you to know how devastating the effects of an atomic bomb could be for a town. By locating the explosion on the map and inputting certain data, Nukemap can show you on the map significant details such as the influence area of both the explosion and the effects entailed, as well as the number of losses that could be caused.

To be taken into account if you are thinking about building a bunker.


  • Choose the city or region under attack manually or using presets.
  • Compare the effects with historic explosions or input the load yourself.
  • Calculate losses and the radiation influence area depending on the type of explosion.
  • Detonate the bomb and view the effects on the map.

Get ready for nuclear contingencies with Nukemap.

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