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Challenge your brain with Numberzilla, a charming-looking numbers game in which we will have to look for pairs of numbers or digits that add up to ten

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Do you love playing with numbers and games with cute and adorable designs? Then you can't miss out on this title developed by LiftApp. Download the APK file and embark on a fun and relaxing mathematical adventure.

Scratch off pairs of numbers that are the same (4-4, 2-2, 9-9) or those that add up to ten.

A very cute number game

Numberzilla is a nice title for smartphones that brings together features of puzzle, number and math games. The premise is very simple: we have to join consecutive boxes that have the same numerical value or those that add up to ten.

To do this, we can touch the boxes one by one or slide our finger. Note: if we choose to slide our finger on the screen, side to side is better, because the game interface has some problems if we want to slide up or down.

You'll meet your adorable pet Numberzilla and his friends: Smart Croissant, Sassy Avocado, Watermelon Warrior and others.

What happens if we get stuck? Well, nothing, because we can buy clues, bombs and the option to undo the last move. And, when we think that there are no more possible combinations, we can ask for another two rows of numbers to be added.

It includes three game modes: classic, dynamic and survival. In all of them the same rules are followed, although each one offers us a different challenge.

It is a very relaxing and sweet game with a fantastic graphic design. Nevertheless, it would have been nice if a sound track had been included to complete the game.

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Laura Stutt
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