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If you're into puzzle games, Numpuz brings together some of them so that you can have fun racking your brains with your Android smartphone or tablet

A compilation of fun puzzles

May 5, 2021
7 / 10

Puzzle videogames are so addictive that it can even be dangerous. Don't say we didn't warn you. Numpuz trivial sums 16 puzzles games so that you can use up the battery of your mobile, no strings attached:

  • Merge seven. In this game, you will have to merge hexagonal chips according to their numbers. When you have merged at least three, only one will remain that sums one number higher than that of the missing blocks. The game ends when you no longer can place more chips.
  • Numbers riddle. Place the numbers in order on a board of different sizes.
  • Hexagonal puzzle. Place hexagonal chips on the board until all of them fit.
  • Pop bounce. Shoot the balls against the blocks to destroy them before they reach the upper part of the screen. Each block indicates the number that you have to strike to make it disappear.
  • Happy click. Touch the blocks with numbers to increase their value and make them disappear when you merge at least three of a kind.
  • Dog jump. Make the dog jump vertically from block to block without being hit and until you reach the finish line.
  • Stack six. Touch the blocks to destroy them without dropping the figure that's in the upper part.
  • Portion puzzle. Place the portions in each circle.
  • Pop gem. Touch at least three blocks of the same color when they are next to each other to make them disappear.
  • Crazy arrow. Shoot the little balls towards the large one without making them crush.
  • Pair blocks. Place the blocks to make complete lines or columns and make them disappear.
  • Color link. Merge stars according to their color without making their paths cross.
  • Worm hit. Pick little balls to make your worm longer and pass through the numeric blocks (or through them).
  • 2048 card. Stack the cards according to their numbers until you reach 2048.
  • Brick strike. It's like the classic Puzzle Bobble, but with numbers and wilder.
  • Eliminate piles. Place the blocks to form the pictures indicated.

Challenge your intellectual skills!

Be patient

This game requires patience not only to solve all its riddles (you will be playing for a while, some of them have different levels and game modes), but you will also need it to avoid all its ads. That's the thing about a free game, but sometimes it just seems like a bombing.

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