This Nutaku client gives you access from your computer's desktop to the largest collection of adult games that can be downloaded from the Internet

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There is a prolific community of videogame developers who have focused their efforts on adult pastimes. Nutaku is a platform that distributes them, offering both the opportunity to play online and to download them.

By simply registering users will be able to access a large number of games sorted into categories. All kinds are to be found, from the absurdly simple and silly to more elaborate content such as graphical adventures or RPGs. To check it out all you have to do is browse the catalog offered by this erotic-game online store.

Main features and functions

These are the main features offered by this videogame download client:

  • Content sorted by category.
  • Browse the catalog by ranking.
  • Access categories and search for titles that suit your tastes.
  • Get videogames for playing online or for downloading to your computer.
  • Monitor all your downloads from your game library.
  • Direct access to profiles on the store's social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Discord and Twitch.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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Sean Mitchell
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