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Ocenaudio is an audio editor with a very simple design that intends to simplify all the tasks relative to handling audio files from a Linux desktop computer

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Music editors for PC aren't usually that complicated to understand and use: simple interface with clear controls and compatibility with the most popular audio formats. However, there are developers that always try to simplify the concept to the max, as is the case of Ocenaudio.

A music editor for Ubuntu and Debian distributions

Easy-to-use, fast and functional are the three mainstays of this program. Based on the Ocen Framework, a development that intends to simplify and normalize the entire sound editing and manipulation process.

A concept in line with other programs like Audacity.

Main features

The functions offered are focused on making its work compatible with other tasks:

  • Support for VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins.
  • Real-time preview of the effects applied.
  • Multiple selection of fragments for delicate edits.
  • No size limits to edit sound.
  • Complete spectrogram functions.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires an Ubuntu or Debian distro.
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