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OctopusCity Resume Writer is a desktop client to know everything that happens in the OctopusCity network. Download OctopusCity Resume Writer free now

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OctopusCity is a new concept of websites that makes the most of all the synergy of all the so-called web 2.0 to create a social network in which we are going to share our professional profile with thousands of work offers.

  Ideal to carry out business transactions, find business partners or a new job, this website offers tools to improve our productivity and how we manage our professional contact network, such as a task manager, a calendar or OctopusCity Resume Writer.

  It consists of a desktop client that offers a summary of all the data generated in the network. Thus we will be able to stay informed at all moments of our evolutions and that of our contacts over OctupusCity without having to load our Internet browser.

  Combined with some of the tools that the promoters of this website have developed specifically for iPhone and BlackBerry devices this program can serve us of great help to expand our professional horizons.
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Scott McLure
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