Office 2000 SP2

Service Pack 2

Continue improving the functioning of Office 2000 with Office 2000 SP2, the second pack of improvements for this Microsoft office suite on your computer

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Most computer users believe that an application shouldn't be installed until its first Service Pack (or update) is launched. They believe this because they consider that once the first Service pack is launched, the application's errors have been eliminated. This belief was confirmed with Microsoft Office 2000, that improved incredibly after Office 2000 SP1, and that's why Microsoft Office 2000 SP2 focuses on trying to polish up the few errors that SP1 didn't fix and adding new features.

  With Office Service Pack 2, Microsoft tried to gather in one download all the small updates that had been launched for each of the components of the Microsoft Office suite, especially updating Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Likewise, functions are added to all the latter, like the hyphenation proofing tools for Word or the security update for Outlook, to improve the email manager.

  This update, together with those that came after it, are so important, because with Microsoft Office 2000 SP2 the suite gains in stability and more features.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have Microsoft Office 2000 to use the pack.
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