Office 2003 SP2

Service Pack 2

Office 2003 SP2 is an incremental pack that includes corrections and improvements for Office 2003. Download Office 2003 SP2 now and make it more secure

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As its name indicates, Office 2003 was launched in the year 2003, it was the 11th version of the famous office suite developed by Microsoft, and the last one that was compatible with Windows 2000.

  If you still use this office suite, you should install the updates recommended by Microsoft, because they improve the software's performance, and its security, by eliminating possible vulnerabilities. This is why we offer you Office 2003 SP2.

  This second update pack for Office 2003 contains all the improvements and corrections from the first Service Pack, and also includes the following updates:
- KB873378, for the WordPerfect 5.x converter.
- KB873381, which is an update to the French grammar checker for Office 2003.
- Improved TabletPC ink recognition.
- KB887980 and KB885828.
- Security updates (KB838905 and KB887979).
- KB892258, an update to the French spellchecker and thesaurus.
- KB887982, related with Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003.

  Make the most of your Office 2003 by installing Office 2003 SP2.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Office XP Components installed to use this download.
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