Office 2003 SP3

Service Pack 3

Update your Microsoft Office suite after you download Office 2003 SP3 for free. How these products work will greatly improve thanks to Office 2003 SP3

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Office 2003 was presented back then as the ultimate office suite, offering features that no one else had been able to offer up until that moment, and using an interface that was a lot nicer and intuitive than earlier editions.

  Like all software that is launched worldwide, as time goes by, users find small bugs and security threats that hadn't been detected during the beta test prior to its launch, when we are speaking about software by Microsoft, the updates launched to fix these problems are called Service Packs (SP). The particular one we are referring to here is Office 2003 SP3.

  Office 2003 Service Pack 3 includes:
- Service Pack 1 and 2.
- All the security updates that were available as of September 2007.
- Improvements for Excel, InfoPath, Outlook, Publisher, Word and PowerPoint
- Major security system optimization for the suite.

  Furthermore, it also fixed other major errors, like the problems with MAPI forms, .gadget files in Outlook, Microsoft Office Document Imaging, quick save in Word and the compatibility problems with earlier versions of Excel, offering the office suite greater stability.

  Download Office 2003 SP3 and make sure your copy of Office 2003 works properly.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have Microsoft Office 2003 installed.
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