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Convert your PDF documents to the Microsoft Word format by downloading Office Convert Pdf to Word for Doc for free, a versatile converter from Pdf to Word

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There are many applications that transform all kinds of text documents to PDF; nevertheless there are very few that do the exact opposite, this means, convert a PDF document to text, and the majority of them are pay-to-use applications.

  Luckily, we have Office Convert Pdf to Word for Doc, an application the clearly states what it does in its name.

  This application is capable of converting any PDF file to a text document, whether .rtf, .doc or .txt, ready to be used with Microsoft Word or any other text processor.

  It's really the free version of a more complete application, so it's missing certain configuration options, and before each conversion it offers us the possibility to update to a superior version.

  Despite its limitations, Office Convert Pdf to Word for Doc is more than enough if what we want is to recover the text from a PDF.

  On the contrary, if what we want to obtain is a text document that is identical to a PDF, with the same distribution and typographic features, we'll have to upgrade to the paid version of the application or turn to one of the alternatives that exist.
Requirements and additional information:
For this application to work properly, it requires Microsoft Office 2003 or above.
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