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Office Online is the free web platform that Microsoft offers all its users to create, open, edit and share Office documents from an online application

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Microsoft is behind the development of the office environment that everyone knows and that all developers try to imitate: Microsoft Office. This set of applications has never stopped evolving ever since it was launched until it has become a complete working platform perfectly adapted to all sorts of users of the likes of Office 365, the rental system of the office suite that includes absolutely all the tools we need: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway, Email, Contacts, Calendar, OneDrive and

But there's more to it. The vast improvement to Internet connections at both professional and home level, and its full integration into the Windows operating system and all its tools has led to the development of Office Online: the same set of office, email and contact management, and cloud storage tools, but now 100% accessible from your browser free of charge.

The greatest advantages of using Office Online

One of the main advantages of using this online platform is the possibility to work on office documents collaboratively in real-time: several users can work on the same document at once and they can all see the changes as they're made. Furthermore, having access to all the work on the cloud allows you to work on your files and resume your work from a different device. You can work from your home computer, from your office or with a tablet computer on the underground without worrying about saving your progress on a USB stick or any other external storage device.

What tools are included in Office Online?

  • Word: the word processing tool that gives our documents a professional finishing touch and that includes hundreds of customization and formatting options.
  • Excel: the spreadsheet management tool to work with data in text or number format.
  • PowerPoint: Microsoft's well-known software to create presentations, slideshows, show ideas or offer support for a meeting at both professional and student level.
  • OneNote: the notes tool with which you can organize all your task lists or anything else that you need to remember.
  • Sway: the new Office tool to easily create web presentations and multimedia documents.
  • Email: this option includes your inbox as well as all the other options necessary to work with incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Contacts: from where the user con access all the contact information kept in his contact list.
  • Calendar: this tool will prevent the user from forgetting about any important date. It allows him to add events, birthdays, meetings or reminders, with or without alarms.
  • OneDrive: Microsoft's online storage service tool allows the user to manage all his documents and files on the cloud.

All the latter and much more is totally free of charge. Yes, you've read it right. Microsoft has made all these tools belonging to its office suite available through browsers so that anyone can use them for free. Why? Well, it's great publicity. Thanks to this online version, the guys at Redmond manage to promote their complete Office applications on interfaces that the user is familiar with, so that he ends up paying for the desktop versions that come along with many more functions.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a Microsoft account.

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Antony Peel
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