Office for Mac Tips & Tricks: the best help for the office suite

If we had to name the leading software in the field of office suites, it would definitely be Microsoft Office. After decades of offering its services, its programs and the extension of the documents it generates have almost become a standard when it comes to working on computers. The best thing about it is that Microsoft has gradually created versions for every single operating system, whether desktop or mobile platforms, and that also goes for macOS, the operating system developed by Apple.

Microsoft Office for Mac comes along with three different subscription plans. Each one of those plans includes some programs or others depending on the option chosen: Microsoft Word to edit text documents, Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets, Microsoft PowerPoint if we want to create presentations with multimedia slides, Microsoft OneNote to jot down notes and annotations, and another two tools that unfortunately are only available for Windows, as is the case of Microsoft Access to work with relational databases and Microsoft Publisher to create and work on the layout of all sorts of publications.

This guide comes along with all sorts of tutorials to help Mac users that use Microsoft Office to make the most of this tool. We’ll learn about where to find the Mac installer and how to get hold of it and how to customize the installation of its components so that we only install those that we really use. We’ll find out how to update the version of any of its tools so that we’re always on the latest version and we’ll get to know which are the most appropriate versions for our specific needs.

All these tips and tricks will keep things really simple and will take your office documents to the next level. Just explore all the information and find the answer you’re looking for about that function you need right now and don’t know where to find it or find out how to bring to life those ideas you have in mind.

How to install and uninstall Office on Mac

These are the steps to install Office.


How to update Office for Mac

To update your Microsoft Office installation for Mac, of any of the programs that make up the suite, you can do several things:


What Office programs work on Mac

In its version for Mac, the programs offered by Microsoft Office are Word and its Premium versions, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook, as well as access to OneDrive's online services for cloud storage and Skype for communication with contacts. This is as long as you subscribe to the Office 365 Home Plan or Office 365 Personal, because the Office Home and Student mode, the third available, does not include the Outlook mail client nor the OneDrive and Skype services. It is more limited. The plans that can be subscribed to right now are:


Is it possible to download Publisher for Mac?

Publisher is one of the programs of the Microsoft Office suite that is not available in for Mac, meaning that it is not possible to download this software if you use an Apple computer. Along with Access, Microsoft does not offer these two programs on this platform, regardless of the subscription plan you may have. Publisher allows you to lay out all kinds of documents but you will have to look for an alternative solution, and there are several. They are a little bit more difficult to use them but they could be your only solution if you want to work with this program.


Is it possible to download Access for Mac?

As such, it is not possible to download Access for Mac since the Microsoft Office suite only offers this software version for Windows and in certain subscription plans. Access is, together with Publisher, the only two software products that are only offered on computers with the Microsoft operating system and not those of Apple. However, there are several options to use Access on a Mac, so all is not lost, you just have to look for a viable alternative solution.


Translated by Antony Peel