Avoid distractions at work or in your free time with OFFTIME. This application blocks calls, messages and notifications as well as other applications

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Having a moment of peace and quiet without distractions is sometimes complicated. Calls, messages, emails... anything can make us lose our concentration or spoil our leisure time.

However, you can isolate yourself inside your own bubble in order to increase your productivity, establishing settings on your phone or tablet that block incoming calls or messages.

Avoid sabotaging yourself, don't take the bait

That's the function of OFFTIME, preventing users from being distracted. For such purpose, it offers a series of features and functions such as the following:

  • Blocks calls, messages, notifications and emails.
  • List of missed phone activities.
  • Whitelist of contacts.
  • Restriction of access to applications and the Internet.
  • Configuration of different profiles.
  • Automatic start function associated to the calendar.
  • Widgets for quick accesses.

The fact is that OFFTIME also avoids you from being distracted. Nevertheless, it can restrict the access to certain applications that can be a temptation when it comes to losing your concentration at work. Or said differently: when it comes to missing out on your time to relax. It does so thanks to the possibility to configure different user profiles for each moment and that can be associated to a schedule or calendar.

You can rely on OFFTIME: it's the perfect app to optimize your time, whether at work or relaxing.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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