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With OhLife you will write letters that you yourself will receive on the future date you indicate. OhLife works perfectly as a time capsule for your ideas

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Have you time-travelled and discovered that your life is in danger in the future, and you want to warn yourself about this situation without endangering the space-time continuum with a sort of super paradox? Don't worry because OhLife settles this problem.

Send letters to yourself and receive them in the future

Maybe the abovementioned example is slightly exaggerated because time-travelling is still to come, and on the other hand, you would already know your future destination in the present. However, you can make the most of OhLife in other ways, like using it for reminders in your inbox or maybe, in a deeper aspect, to write your opinion about a certain issue and see if it changes over the years or remains impervious to discouragement.

Cheer your day up with your own letter.

With OhLife you will be able to write to yourself letters and messages and decide when you want to receive them. Write the text, choose the date of reception and input your email address. On the date chosen you will be surprised with a letter written by yourself. Although you may find it more useful to send emails to other people, which you can also do with this webapp, so that you don't have to keep programming reminders.

With OhLife your future me will receive all the knowledged of your past me.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The paid version includes many more functions.
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