Oil Hunt 2 - Birthday Party Android


Oil Hunt 2 - Birthday Party is a game of skill in which you'll control Red, a tiny creature that extracts petrol from the ground trying to make new friends

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It's your birthday, you organize a party and nobody appears. What do you do? Well, you'd probably seek revenge and look for real friends, unlike the main character of Oil Hunt 2 - Birthday Party, a creature called Red with a severe self-esteem problem. As he hasn't got too many friends, he decides to embark on an adventure to extract petrol and offer it to all his guests as a delicious cocktail.

Are you ready to organize the greatest and most amazing beach party you've ever seen?

But the most surprising issue is that the plan works. The more petrol you get hold of, the more guests will appear at Red's party. So now you know what to do to be the coolest host in the word: forget about beers and alcohol and serve glasses of petrol.

The more petrol you get hold of, the more guests will appear. Everybody loves free drinks.

What can I do to help this miserable creature?

Having reached this point and seeing that Red is crying due to the selfishness of his so-called friends, you have to help him out in his crusade to fill his belly with petrol. For such purpose, on each level, you'll come across different deposits of this black liquid. Whenever you get to one, Red will use a straw to reach the liquid but making sure he doesn't put it in too deep. You've only got two tries to pick up the petrol, otherwise, you'll have to start all over again. The petrol will begin to sprout from the ground and you'll have to move him left and right to swallow as much as possible.

After confiscating different pools, you'll fill Red up with petrol to later spit it out into his balloon's tank and return to the beach to serve it in a cocktail glass to his guests.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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