OIO is an independent platform game that takes place in a subterranean world. After you download OIO you will be able to enjoy a really great adventure


Interesting platform game

November 3, 2011
0 / 10

Uncanny Games is an independent games company that stands out due to the elaborate stories of the games, and in OIO they have done it again.

Save the rest of the wooden puppets

The story of OIO begins when the main character gains life thanks to a ray of light that reaches him through a hole at the top of the cave. The main character, a wooden puppet, is the only one of his compatriots that has been activated.

As he advances along the game the main character of OIO will have to recover small fragments of light that will help him have enough energy to be able to find the path out of the cave. During his travels he will have to discover what has happened to his compatriots and how to save them, finally reaching what he fears most of all.

To be able to advance along the game the character will only be able to resort to his inventiveness and his small collection of seeds that will help him to avoid all the obstacles that he encounters.

Download OIO on your computer and live incredible adventures while you help the main character to bring his compatriots back to life.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • The demo only allows you to play a limited amount of levels.
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