Okozo Okozo will allow you to place all kinds of animations on your desktop wallpaper. Download Okozo and you will be able to enjoy your computer's desktop
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There are many people that find that having a still image as a desktop wallpaper, even in the case of those that change every certain amount of time, isn't at all appealing, and that would like to provide this important element of the operating system with some more animation.

Animated wallpapers for your Windows desktop

One of the best options available in this sense is Okozo, a new project based on Flash technology, that allows you to provide the desktop with a lot more movement and liveliness. Furthermore, Okozo has a large user community and receives all kinds of new contributions to be used as desktop wallpapers.

Using Okozo is very easy, all you have to do is install it and open its interface, here you'll be able to find direct links to the webpage where all the wallpapers are available. Once you have downloaded those that you are most interested in, all you have to do is refresh the Okozo interface to be able to use them on your desktop.

Therefore, if you want an application that will allow you to enjoy wonderful animated wallpapers, download and install Okozo.

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