OldChromeRemover eliminates old instances of Google Chrome that stay stored on the hard drive after the updates. Download OldChromeRemover free on your PC

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Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers around the globe, but it has a small flaw, because when the updates, that are rather common, are installed on the browser it doesn't remove the old version from the hard drive. To manage to remove the latter you can resort to OldChromeRemover.

Easily remove instances

Using OldChromeRemover is extremely easy, because it is an executable file that once open will try to detect all the old versions of the Google Chrome browser that are installed on the computer.

Once it has detected the old versions of the browser, all you need to do is to press 'Y' so that OldChromeRemover removes them from the hard drive to free the space that they were occupying.

If the executable file is launched and there isn't an old version of Google Chrome present on the hard drive, the only thing that it will do is notify the user.

Download OldChromeRemover to eliminate old versions of Google Chrome from your hard drive, it's free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires that .NET Framework 3.5 is installed.
  • It isn't advisable to use this application if you have various versions of Google Chrome installed.
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