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Omega Legends is a Battle Royale shooter with a whole bunch of heroes to choose from, lots of weapons and a wide range of possibilities for customizing

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Anyone who thinks that Battle Royale multiplayer shooter games like Fortnite or Free Fire are on the way out is sorely mistaken. They are alive and well, as is demonstrated by titles like Omega Legends, which offers a game experience right up there with the genre's top titles.

A third-person Battle Royale shooter up there with the best of the bunch

Here we find a game with attractive graphics, largely inspired by Fortnite, which is based on the classic model of these shooter games: we are launched into the sky over an island and, with the help of a futuristic parachute, guide our hero to a successful landing. Once we set foot on land the unrelenting battle to be the last man standing shall commence.

And of course, the map that we move around will gradually get smaller in order to hem in the players and ensure that matches don't last forever. As you know, you have to take down everyone else and stay alive in the process.

These are the game's main functions and features:

  • A range of heroes to choose from.
  • Arsenal of realistic weapons.
  • Customize your characters with all kinds of articles and items.
  • Different game modes: play with your team or carry out solo missions.
Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
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