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Download Omemo free, an innovating system to share files with other users. Share part of your hard drive directly over the networks thanks to Omemo

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Systems like the BitTorrent net or the direct download websites are revolutionizing the world of downloads over Internet, but new ways are also appearing each day to try and make it easier for users to share files, like for example happens with Omemo.

  This alternative to the other P2P systems that existed up till know is based on sharing part of our hard drive (without any kind of restriction), where we will place the files that we want to share, and that we will be able to access from any browser, to be able to download the files that have been shared by other users.

  To be able to find what we are looking for, we will use a browser to access a web page where we will be able to find all the files classified into different folders (music styles, films in different languages, games by genre,... ).

  Another of the main features of Omemo is that we will be able to interact with the rest of users that share part of their hard drive, allowing us to vote those contents that we like most and thus being able to access those files that interest us a lot quicker.

  If you want to form part of the biggest hard drive in the world, download Omemo today.
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