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Download Ommwriter free of charge to avoid distractions whilst you are writing a text. Ommwriter is a minimalist and relaxing text editor for Mac users

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If you would prefer to have a relaxing and minimalist environment surrounding you when it comes to writing, you need Ommwriter. This is the most relaxing text editor, and the one with which you are going to be bothered less in comparison with all the others on the market.

  Its interface is so simple that you will feel relaxed by just looking at it, an invisible text box will allow you to write on top of a snowy background, the most simple thing available. There aren't thousands of icons with dozens of options and hundreds of menus. In Ommwriter you will only be able to change the font, and that is it.

  Nevertheless, Ommwriter's power doesn't come from its features as text editor, where it is rather similar to Text Edit, it comes from its capacity to maximize your concentration by avoiding distractions, showing a really relaxing background and playing the appropriate music to increase your productivity and your interest for what you are writing.

  All in all, a text editor that leaves aside a wide range of options to focus on the text and the writer's concentration, which are the two most important elements after all.
Requirements and additional information:
Only works on Mac OS X 10.5 or above.
Herraiz Soto & Co
Over a year ago
6 months ago
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