OneClick iPod Video Converter

OneClick iPod Video Converter transforms your videos so you can watch them on an iPod. Download OneClick iPod Video Converter and change their format

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OneClick iPod Video Converter is a practical video converter that will allow you to transform your favorite multimedia files to the proper format to be able to play them on the popular Apple portable device, the iPod, with a few clicks of your mouse.

  Among the options that it allows you to configure you will find:

  - Select a conversion profile based on the quality that you want (iPod Normal Quality, iPod Apple TV Quality, iPod Excellent Quality, iPod Only Audio, ...).
- Choose the codec to be used, both to encode the audio as well as the video.
- Choose a bit rate for the sound and a frame rate for the video.
- Indicate the resolution for the output file.

  One of the advantages that One Click iPod Video Converter offers is the possibility to process various file batches, with the resulting amount of time saved.

  If you want to have an application that is easy to handle what will allow you to convert any film to a format that is appropriate to be played on your iPod, download OneClick iPod Video Converter.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have .NET FrameworK 1.1 installed. It is a trial version that can be used with certain limitations.
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