4.33 OneLoupe enlarges any element on the screen adjusting to the parameters that you set. OneLoupe is ideal for elderly users and those with visual impairment
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Have you got problems with Internet sites or with certain applications to read texts that are put forth at a size that is nearly microscopic? You will be able to eliminate these problems with OneLoupe as it works just like a magnifying glass and will help you to enlarge anything that you want to see.

Zoom into any element

OneLoupe is very easy to use because you will only have to launch the program and you will immediately have at your disposal a box in which you will be able to view any element expanded on the screen, being able to move it to your own liking. To close it, all you will have to do is press one of the mouse's buttons. Installing it is very simple and by leaving it on the desktop it will always be ready to be used, using hardly any system memory at all. It also offers you the possibility to activate it from the system tray.

The zoom of the magnifying glass can be adjusted with the mouse wheel, as well as the area on which you want to amplify your view. You can edit its configuration in the INI extension file that comes with the program, thus being able to export it to any computer that you work with.

Download OneLoupe and take advantage of the features of this small yet very useful tool for users with visual impairment.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • To edit its configuration you need to edit the INI file, saved in the programme's folder, with the Notepad.
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Antony Peel
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