Online Music Alarm

Online Music Alarm will allow you to program as many alarms as you desire with your favorite sounds. Online Music Alarm takes audio and video from YouTube

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If you want a specific song to sound at a certain time of the day you have to try Online Music Alarm. This is a web application with which you will be able to program to your own liking which song or audio you want to sound whenever you want and also play the video.

How it works is very simple because in it search box you only have to input the name of the song you desire and it will automatically search for results in YouTube. Then you will only have to select and configure the time at which you want it to sound and play the video. Once you have activated the alarm you will be able to repeat the operation as many times as you want because you can activate as many musical alarms as you want.

Use OnlineMusicAlarm and liven up your notifications with music and videos.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This service is limited to certain countries.
Online Music Alarm
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