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O&O Defrag is an application to defragment your hard drive. Download O&O Defrag and improve the performance of your computer with several different tools

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O&O Defrag is an application that has been developed to solve the problems that normally arise due to the fact the majority of users are constantly writing and deleting data from their hard drives, creating memory spaces, that once they increase in number can seriously make the reading speed to decrease and due to this affecting the computer's general performance.

  This tool will relocate all the data stored on your hard drive, in such a way that it will place all of it in the appropriate order so as to make accessing it a lot more effective.

  The program has various defragmentation processes (depending on the ordering level that you are looking for), an advanced area to configure the reorganization of files and a function called O&O OneClickDefrag, that will allow you to forget about having to specify any parameters when it comes to starting the improvement process.

  Another function worth highlighting is Screen Saver Mode, that starts defragging your hard drive while you aren't using your computer, thus being able to do the process in steps, without having to forget about using your computer during large periods of time.

  If you are looking for a program to maintain your hard drive in perfect conditions at all times, try with O&O Defrag.
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