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O&O DriveLED is a complete application that keeps track of the state of your hard drives. Download O&O DriveLED and monitor your network and hard drives

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The hard drive is an essential element of our computer and one of the parts that we have to take most care of, if we don't want to lose all our data due to it malfunctioning.

  O&O DriveLED is an application by means of which we will be able to view on the Windows desktop how we use each one of the hard drives that we have installed on our system (including partitions and virtual units) and their temperature at any given moment.

  Thanks to a simple interface (that we can customize by means of colors, transparencies and visualization options) we will be able to determine in a single glance, the use of each one of the units, as well as our network connections, being the program the one that lets us know if it is necessary to perform backups or if there is any kind of risk for our hard drive.

  If you are looking for an application to monitor the use of the network and the hard drives at all times, download O&O DriveLED now, and let the application worry about your hard drive's state.
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The trial version has certain limitations.
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