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O&O MediaRecovery is a deleted multimedia file recovery application. Download O&O MediaRecovery and you will be able to restore many multimedia files

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How many photos have you got stored on your computer? How many music files have you got on your hard drive or on your MP3? Probably thousands, due to this fact, the loss off these files would be a really severe incident. But nothing to worry, O&O MediaRecovery can recover all kinds of photographs, sound files, videos and even mouse cursors and icons.

  This software has been developed to recover all the contents from cameras, MP3 players and memory cards, because it is in these places where the majority of multimedia files can normally be found. To do so, as well as being compatible with iPods, O&O MediaRecovery includes a series of algorithms focused mainly on recovering multimedia files in more than 80 different formats, including BMP, CUR, GIF, JPG, PNG, MP3 and WAV.

  Any disc that can be loaded by Windows can be recognized by the assistant included in O&O MediaRecovery, so as to be able to start working as soon as possible. This software will also be prepared to recover the maximum percentage of files even when these have been attacked by malware.
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