O&O SpeedCheck O&O SpeedCheck is a relatively simple application that analyzes the speed of a computer. Check the speed of your computer with O&O SpeedCheck, its free
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With the increase of the size of the physical hard drives, each time it is becoming more common to set aside hard drive defragmentations, because it is a process that requires a lot of time. But many users will still have doubts as to the real data processing power that they are losing due to the fragmentation of the data. Now its possible to find out thanks to O&O SpeedCheck.

O&O SpeedCheck has to be the easiest way to find out up to how much a computer's speed can increase after its data is defragmented.

The process that O&O SpeedCheck follows to find it out is very simple, because it performs a simulated test of reading all the files based on the amount of fragments that form them, providing a final time result of how long it would take to read the whole drive. On the other hand it perform a simulation of how long it would take to read the same data if it were defragmented, providing how long it would take.

Once it has all this data, O&O SpeedCheck informs the user of the approximate percentage of the processors power that could be recovered by defragmenting the hard drive.

Therefore, if you want to find out what part of the computer's power will be lost due to data fragmentation, you only have to download O&O SpeedCheck.

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