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Open Command Window Here is a great tool that allows you to open the command window in any folder. Download Open Command Window Here to your PC for free

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Open Command Window Here is a tool by Microsoft that allows you to open a command line window from any folder on the system, by means of the right mouse button. The command line is an implementation of the MS-DOS console that was present actively from Windows 3.0 to Windows 98. From Windows XP onwards it became a system complement. Nevertheless, you may need to open this window on very specific occasions.

  By means of this simple utility, you'll be able to save time, because it will allow you to open the command line in the folder of your choice, with the mouse's right button. Once you have found the folder where you want to open the command line window, you will only have to right click and one of the options will be Open Command Window Here. Once you select this option, a window with the command line will open, already in that folder.

  If you usually work with the command line, Open Command Window Here will be very useful, and it will save you plenty of time.
Requirements and additional information:
Only works on Windows XP.
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