The best tips & tricks for OpenOffice

In the word processor market, the first one that comes to mind for many of us is Word from Microsoft. However, it has had some competitors that have made things difficult for it. This is the case of OpenOffice, an office suite that is offered free of charge to the user. Yes, we can download it officially and without costing us a penny. Also, OpenOffice is an open-source program. This means that the users themselves develop the updates and offer them to others free of charge.

The OpenOffice office suite is not just a word processor. This set of programs offers the user a series of applications that, as a whole, cover all the possibilities of office automation. We have programs for writing documents, making presentations, spreadsheets, and complex databases.

Among the programs we get when we install OpenOffice, we can find OpenOffice Writer as a word processor, OpenOffice Calc to work with spreadsheets, OpenOffice Impress to make slide presentations, OpenOffice Math to perform complex mathematical calculations, OpenOffice Draw when working with vector graphics, and OpenOffice Base if you like databases.

One of the great advantages of this suite is that it is fully compatible with the files used by Microsoft. Therefore, we will be able to edit and work with this type of documents even if we do not have the paid Office 365 programs installed.

In recent times, OpenOffice has had a competitor: LibreOffice. Oracle bought the company that owned it, Sun Microsystems, and many believed that this was the end of it, creating with its exit a new alternative, also free and open source. The fact is that OpenOffice is still free and open-source, and we now have two similar alternatives

Thanks to this set of guides, we will know how to install OpenOffice on our computer, as well as what the programs are included and how to perform tasks such as numbering pages or opening PDF documents. Start enjoying OpenOffice right now.

How to open and edit PDF files with OpenOffice

Opening a PDF in OpenOffice is extremely easy. Just follow these steps. The first thing we are going to do is to download a free add-on that will make this task possible. To do this, go to and click on 'Download extension'.


What is OpenOffice Base

OpenOffice Base (until December 2011 known as Base) is a database management system that can be found within the OpenOffice office suite along with others such as OpenOffice Writer, or Calc. It is similar to Access, the database management program offered by Windows. The main difference is that it is free and open-source: it will continue to receive updates that improve its features by a selfless community working on it.


How to use OpenOffice

Surely, the name OpenOffice is familiar to all of us. Especially since it is free software. A great alternative to Word, according to many of us. And we are right. But OpenOffice is not just a great office tool. It is a program to create spreadsheets, vector graphics, PowerPoint presentations, and more.


How to install OpenOffice

OpenOffice is one of the most complete office suites you can install on your computer today. With just one mouse click, you can have up to six programs to cover any office task you need, from presentations to spreadsheets, mathematical formulas, and, of course, text documents.


How to number pages in OpenOffice

Something essential when writing an academic paper: numbering the pages of the paper. If we use OpenOffice as a word processor, the process is very simple. Next, we will show you how to number the pages in OpenOffice to complete our task efficiently. These are the steps we have to take to number the pages in OpenOffice.


What is OpenOffice Draw

An application included in the OpenOffice office suite, Draw offers the user the possibility to create and edit vector graphics and diagrams. It is a tool, like Office, Calc, or Impress, open-source, and free, and we can equate it to CorelDRAW.


What is OpenOffice Impress

OpenOffice Impress is an office application for making presentations. It is the free and open-source equivalent to the well-known (and paid) PowerPoint. The presentations we create in OpenOffice Impress are based on the slide format and support the insertion of images, animations, or audio files. All this so that our presentation goes from functional and correct to excellent.


What is OpenOffice Calc

The free and open-source alternative to Microsoft's Office 365 Excel is called OpenOffice Calc. This spreadsheet processor can be found within the set of apps that make up the OpenOffice office suite.


What is OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer is a free, cross-platform, open-source word processor. It is part of a suite of applications of the Apache OpenOffice office suite. Among its main advantages, we find that we can save our text document in the .doc extension. This means that if we send a document to someone with Microsoft Word, they will be able to open it without complications since .doc is the file extension used by this Microsoft word processor.


What is OpenOffice and what is it for?

If we go to Wikipedia, we can read that OpenOffice is "a free, open-source office suite that includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing, and database tools." This means that if we download OpenOffice from its official website, we will be receiving a set of applications that we can use to perform an infinite number of tasks related to office automation. From simple text to complex calculations, slideshows, databases, graphs, and much more.


Is OpenOffice safe?

As you all know, OpenOffice is a suite of office applications where you can create everything, from text documents to complex spreadsheets, databases, and vector graphics. It is a very useful solution since, in addition to being free, it is open source, which implies having behind it a community that develops updates that we can download without paying a thing.


OpenOffice vs LibreOffice: comparison and differences

The office automation business is dominated by Microsoft. But that does not mean that there are no good alternatives to the American company's suite. OpenOffice, and later, LibreOffice, are a true open-source option to the popular suite that is Office.


April 1, 2021. Translated by Manuel Sánchez