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OpenQPM is a free tool that allows to control physical and virtual computers. Download OpenQRM and manage the data processing center on your computer

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The OpenQRM open source platform will allow you to manage a set of physical and virtual computers with a single tool. This application helps managers to have total control over the data processing center, making sure that it keeps working even when possible system failures occur.

  The OpenQRM project was created as a commercial product to start off, but it ended up as an open source project. And now, its architecture extends over other data center technologies by means of plug-ins.

  Among the main features of this application we have to highlight:

  - Works with multiple servers, and it tracks how the data center is used, at the same time that is generates detailed reports.
- Adjusts the amount of servers dynamically depending on their real use.
- Uses simple tools to add servers.
- Integrates and makes the most of any existing software infrastructure, like VMWare or Nagios.

  You can't miss out on the advantages provided by this open source application for Linux.
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