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Download OpenRatio and design your own multi-platform applications without any programming knowledge at all. OpenRatio works as a CMS on the cloud

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Until not so long ago, creating applications for mobile phones required knowing how to program. Nevertheless, tools have been developed, allowing us to generate the latter using a visual graphical interface, similar to the content managers we can find for webs, and OpenRatio is one of them.

A CMS on the cloud to create mobile applications

OpenRatio is an Android application that provides a graphical interface on the cloud with which you can design native applications for mobiles as well as web applications. For such purpose, it makes use of an easy-to-use CMS that allows us to add new contents to the pages in a matter of seconds, as well as allowing maximum customization in terms of visual design. A service that will allow anyone to design applications without needing advanced programming knowledge.

The CMS-based web design model applied to mobile devices.


  • Design applications by means of a cloud CMS.
  • Wide range of templates and broad customization options.
  • Supports the creation of native and multi-platform applications for iOS, Android, Windows 8 Mobile and the web.
  • Simple content management that allows us to add pages, post events or send notifications almost instantly.
  • Statistic reports about the application's downloads.
  • Support for integration with social networks.

Download OpenRatio and create your own mobile apps without needing to learn how to program.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.2.
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