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Download OpenSolaris for free, a free Linux distribution based on Solaris with everything you need. OpenSolaris includes all the software you may require

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OpenSolaris is an open source Linux distribution based on Solaris, the proprietary version of Oracle. You will find a great user and developer community behind it, and also a wide range of programs and applications that are essential for any computer.

Software included in OpenSolaris

  • GNOME desktop.
  • Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • GIMP image editor.
  • Thunderbird email client.
  • Time Slider to create backups.
  • Network virtualisation with Crossbow...

Welcome to the ZFS file system

OpenSolaris uses the ZFS file system, a system that is different to those that are traditionally included in Linux distributions. It incorporates extensive support for external hardware, and it can be installed directly on the hard drive and launched as a LiveCD.

Download OpenSolaris right now for free and make the most of this free distribution based on Unix.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You can virtualize the image with the appropriate program or launch the installation by burning the ISO file onto an optical disc or pendrive.
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