Control any computer remotely and with total security thanks to OpenSSH. Use the SSH protocol, one of the most secure ones by downloading OpenSSH for free

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If you're a network administrator, you'll be aware that it is very important to make sure that a connection is secure when you administer a PC remotely, and you'll know the SSH protocol. With OpenSSH it is possible to administer any computer remotely from the command prompt using the SSH encryption protocol, one of the most secure to date.

  OpenSSH includes several tools that make the totally secure client-server interaction and encryption a lot easier. Among these tools we will find some that are very useful, like a public password generator, an FTP, a password manager...

  What the computer really thinks is that the user is using it directly, nevertheless, by using the connected client and server by means of the SSH protocol, the truth is that the user could be anywhere with an Internet connection using the computer without any risk.

  OpenSSH has two components, the client and the server. Logically each one has to be started on a machine to be able to communicate correctly.
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