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They seem like an anachronism now but there was a time when Sim City and Railroad Tycoon were the in thing. OpenTTD rescues those games for Android

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When I was young (back in the Pleistocene) there was a game genre that was a must in any computer of the time. I'm talking about construction and management simulators, which have been experiencing a revival for a few years now thanks to Cities Skylines. There were "sim" everything: Sim City, Sim Copter, Sim Earth, Sim Ant, etc. However, these titles by Maxis did not ride the crest of the wave for long.

Different companies tried to get their share in this lucrative market, Microsoft being one of them. That attempt gave birth to Transport Tycoon, of which OpenTTD is an open-source conversion launched for Android. This is basically a direct port of the classic game for PC, with the same controls and the same need for a manual to check during the first few games.

A vintage flavor in every way

One of the things that will catch your eye if you are a nostalgic (like me) is that delicious retro aura that is all over OpenTTD: the menus, the mouse pointer, the graphics, the colors, etc. If you were not holding your cell phone in your hand, you might think you were back in front of those old PCs with VGA cards that showed a whopping 256 colors.

However, that very retro flavor is also one of the game’s greatest weaknesses: it is not an intuitive game, players need to control too many variables, and you do need to go back to the instructions manual all the time. That said, once you manage to master the basic aspects, it becomes an extremely entertaining and much enjoyable experience.


  • Build a transport empire from your Android.
  • Online multiplayer or against machine generated opponents.
  • Fully opensource.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
3 months ago
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