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Opera Mini is the web browser you need to download to your iPhone or iPad to save on your data plan, block adverts and browse the Internet much faster

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Despite all the functions incorporated to modern phones and tablets, especially iPhones and iPads, and all the mobile applications available in the App Store, we spend the most of our time using the browser to explore the Internet. In the case of iOS, Safari is the default browser to surf the net and access different websites, but if we were to look for an alternative, Google Chrome would probably be the most popular option.

The case is that they're not the only two web browsers available for Apple's mobile operating system, although they are the most extended. One of the outsiders that's really worth trying out if we're looking for a new browser is Opera Mini, something like a lite version of the browser developed in Norway over 10 years ago.

Browse faster even on busy networks.

In fact, it's so light that we could define as a microbrowser, something that over 250 million users appreciate very much, not only on iPhone and iPad, but also on Android with the APK available on Google Play, and Windows Phone with a version that can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store.

Main features of Opera's microbrowser

Before going into more details, we have to say that the success of Opera Mini lies mainly in these three aspects:

  1. Faster browsing: the developers of this app have incorporated a compression engine that allows us to browse up to six times faster than usual. Furthermore, the search results appear as we type our query and it's much faster to access webs we visit often.
  2. Advert blocker: you'll no longer have to install any extension or specific application to be able to browse the Internet without annoying invasive adverts because this version of Opera blocks them straight away.
  3. Data saving: closely related to the two previous aspects, with Opera Mini we can reduce our data consumption up to 90% thanks to its video, image and text compression system that makes webs much lighter.

In fact, this third feature is so significant that it has led many users to think that Opera Mini gives you free Internet or still works when you haven't got any credit left on your phone. Obviously not, but it does seem like thanks to its extremely low data consumption.

But apart from the three features mentioned above, we have to point other aspects and functions that are equally important:

  • Possibility to add webs you visit frequently to your home screen with a single tap.
  • Home page where you'll see the news that interest you the most from the different categories you select.
  • Multitask browser with the possibility to open plenty of tabs at once.
  • Option to download videos straight from the browser to watch them offline.
  • Downloads in the background that automatically pause until we get a WiFi connection back again.
  • Private browsing mode in which our browsing history and cookies aren't saved.
  • Night mode that dims the backlight of our screen in order to protect our eyesight.
  • Change your default search engine in the easiest of manners.
  • Option to synchronize all your devices on which you use this web browser.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 9.0.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
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