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OrganizeX is an account manager. Manage all your user accounts and passwords, your software licenses and your credit cards thanks to OrganizeX, it's free

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It's quite complicated to remember all the information that you need for your day to day work at all times. So as to avoid having to depend on your memory, you can always decide to use an information management and administration system. With OrganizeX you'll be able to control all your user accounts and passwords at all times, your software licenses and the information about your credit cards. Three things less to remember.

  OrganizeX is made up by three utilities:

  MyAccounts: that allows you to save and store your user accounts, passwords, email addresses... Furthermore, you'll be able to create categories to be able to store each of the accounts and add attached data. It even has a password generator!

  MyApps: here you'll be able to store all the information regarding the software license.

  MyCards: place all the information that has to do with your credit cards in this utility.

  The application is capable of protecting saved data when the program is inactive, thus you won't have to worry if strangers use your computer. OrganizeX is a good method to save your user accounts, passwords, software licenses and credit card data.
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