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oTranscribe is a free open source webapp that's essential for journalists and any other user that needs to transcribe an audio or video file to text

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Transcribing is a boring and difficult task. You usually sit in front of your computer with the multimedia player running, a blank notepad to write down everything you hear and understand before rewinding hundreds of times.

A free open source transcription webapp.

That was until now because thanks to oTranscribe there's a much easier way to transcribe audio and video files. It's an online tool that offers the user everything you need from a single browser window.

Main features

  • Forget about having to switch windows between World and VLC.
  • Smart hotkeys to give format to the transcription and control the playback.
  • Player built into the webapp.
  • Load an audio file from your hard drive or a video from YouTube.
  • Interactive timestamps to be able to browse through the transcription.
  • Possibility to export the transcription in plain text or Google Docs.
  • Transcription saved automatically in the browser.
Elliot Bentley
Over a year ago
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