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The oTranscribe web application is a must-have tool for journalists and others who need to easily convert interviews, audio, and videos into text format

An online tool for transcribing text from audio and videos

November 12, 2022
7 / 10

Transcribing interviews and audio into text is often a tedious and time-consuming task. However, with this web app, we can greatly simplify the process.

A free and open-source practical resource

The oTranscribe tool is a free open-source web app for transcribing audio and videos. It allows us to listen to the audio and write the text on the same screen.

How does it work? Just upload the audio or video you want to transcribe and tap the blue button. At the top of the interface, we will find a player from which we can pause, rewind, fast forward, and change the playback speed. All these options use keyboard shortcuts, so you do not need to lift your hands from the keyboard.

A free web application to ease the pain of transcribing recorded interviews.

At the bottom of the interface, we will find a word processor with basic formatting options and an automatic save function that saves your progress in the browser every second. Additionally, the system is quite secure, as both audio and text never leave your smartphone.

Main features

  • Forget about having to switch between Word and VLC.
  • Intelligent keyboard shortcuts for transcription formatting and playback control.
  • An integrated player in the web app.
  • Upload a locally stored audio file or a video from YouTube.
  • Interactive timestamps to navigate through the transcript.
  • Possibility to export the transcript to plain text or Google Docs.
  • The transcript is automatically saved in the browser.

Thanks to this web app, we will be able to forget once and for all about switching between programs to put an interview into written words. Journalists will find it especially useful.

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