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Outfit Queen is a curious casual game in which we will have to attempt to make a girl look beautiful while she walks so that alll men fall at her feet

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The guys from the Smillage studio invite us to become a diva in an endless runner game in which we must harness the power of beauty to captivate and seduce men. The result is somewhere between amusing and disturbing.

The power of beauty at your service

Downloading the Outfit Queen APK file takes us to a rather peculiar fashion catwalk. Our mission in this casual 3D game is to control a stinky girl to collect pretty clothes and, in doing so, get men to help us reach the finish line. Yes, the idea is funny, but outdated and stale.

Make yourself prettier as you walk the runway collecting beautifying things!

The gameplay is pretty simple. When you tap the screen, you will see a theme, such as red carpet, wedding or princess. Our goal will be to move sideways to pick up clothes that will help us dress according to the theme while avoiding stains and dirty clothes.

The thing is, to avoid the traps and keep moving forward, we will need the help of the men. They will knock down walls, throw their jackets in the mud and jump into pits to allow us to move forward. But they will only help us if the girl looks nice and doesn't stink.

When we reach the finish line, the more men who follow us, the more points we get. If we take it as a joke, the game is entertaining. It also has a nice minimalist-style graphic design and a nice soundtrack. But the subject matter is very controversial and will make some people uncomfortable. And rightly so.

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Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
3 months ago
141 MB

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