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Outlook Connector is a tool that allows you to synchronize Microsoft Outlook with your Hotmail mail account. Download Outlook Connector free of charge

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Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client worldwide, and one of the most complete of those that can be found on the market, but one of its greatest handicaps is the lack of a native option to be able to synchronize our email, contacts, and calendars with Microsoft Live or Hotmail with Outlook, that can end up being a problem if we have a personal email account with one of these services.

Migrate all your accounts from Hotmail to Outlook

Outlook Connector is a plug-in for the Microsoft mail manager by means of which we can transfer our Hotmail or Windows Live account to Outlook, thus eliminating the need to access our account by means of the browser. We won't only be able to send, receive and manage our mail account, our online calendars, and our contacts will also be imported automatically to Outlook.

The configuration is really easy, we'll only require our Hotmail address and our password, the rest of the task will be performed automatically by the application.

If you want to have your Hotmail accounts available straight from Outlook, download Outlook Hotmail Connector and in a matter of minutes you'll no longer need to access your account through the browser.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires that you have Outlook 2003 or 2007 to be able to use this plug-in.
  • Once installed it requires an Internet connection to update to the latest version.
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