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Outlook SMS is an add-on that allows you to send text messages by means of Microsoft Outlook. Download Outlook SMS for free and communicate a lot better

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If you use the task manager and email by Microsoft Office, you will already know that Outlook is an essential application and that together with a mobile telephone it can become the neuralgic center of all communications. Due to the latter, Microsoft has put at the disposal of the users Outlook SMS, to combine Outlook even more with mobile phones.

  Outlook SMS is a plug-in that integrates in the Outlook email client to add the function of sending SMS. This is very useful because if we use the programs agenda to store all our contacts data, we will also have their phone numbers stored.

  To use Outlook SMS it's only necessary to have the mobile phone installed on our computer, whether by means of cable or wireless, and after we indicate the plug-in what mobile we want to use, we will easily be able to send text messages.

  The ease of writing an SMS with the ordinary keyboard together with the speed that involves having the names stored in the program's contact list makes Outlook SMS a very good idea that has been implemented superbly.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have Outlook 2003 or 2007.
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