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Help the peaceful inhabitants of Lootopia in Overloot, a fusion application game where we have to combine weapons to defeat the terrible king of evil

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The king of evil has destroyed the kingdom of Lootopia. Luckily, its inhabitants have chosen us as the volunteer epic hero who will end his tyranny. And to do that, we will have to use the power of fusion to confront the curse that makes weapons and armor fall apart.

Rebuild a ruined kingdom

The study What (games) presents a fun and unusual fusion game with touches of RPG set in a medieval fantasy world in 2D: Overloot. Here, we will take the role of a hero who will face an evil king who has destroyed a peaceful land.

To do so, we will have to fight monsters while exploring the kingdom and rebuilding the city. We will start with the combat screen, which is divided into two parts. At the top, we will see the hero as he faces different creatures, which will make us receive different pieces of equipment.

From the bottom, we must combine two equal pieces of weapons, helmets, or shields, to provide equipment to our warrior as he runs out of them. The game includes over 50 pieces of equipment to combine, collect, and evolve.

Gather as much equipment as you can, merge it on the fly, accumulate and manage gold, and attack whatever comes your way in this fast-paced RPG puzzle!

As we move through the five scenarios, we will be able to rebuild the buildings and free the citizens. Thus, little by little, the blacksmith, the alchemist, the innkeeper, and the magician, will lend their services to help us in our mission.

And besides merging our equipment and defeating monsters, we will also have to manage our inventory in order not to lose items, customize our hero, and improve our kingdom by leveling up the buildings. If we download the APK file, we will have a great deal of work to do.

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
WHAT (games)
3 months ago
338 MB

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