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Download Packet Tracer for free to study the behavior of any computer network and its components. Achieve your Cisco certificate thanks to Packet Tracer

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Packet Tracer is a network analysis tool that will allow you to get to know different data about packet transfers and connections. Packet Tracer for Ubuntu and other distributions is very useful for networking students who need to analyze the behavior of networks during the data transfer.

Obtain your Cisco certificate

Cisco is one of the most important companies in terms of network management and administration. The products they develop are an industry standard, to such an extent that there are training courses which are endorsed by the so-called Cisco certificates.

Packet Tracer for Linux is a perfect tool to prepare this type of test. It allows you to design and study the behavior of the components of a computer network.


  • Design a physical network.
  • Complete connectivity simulations: perform ping, traceroute, etc.
  • Compatible with HTTP, TCP/IP, Telnet, SSH, TFTP, DHCP and DNS.

Download Packet Tracer for free, become a network expert and get hold of the Cisco certificate.

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