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PagePlus SE is a complete application that allows you to easily design and create applications. Download PagePlus SE and design magazines, posters and cards

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PagePlus SE is a simple layout tool with which you will be able to design all kinds of publications: from Christmas cards, posters, letters and even magazines. With a very intuitive interface, it won't take very long for you to learn to use the application. Despite how easy it is, it has plenty of possibilities that will make the creation of any published text easier.

An efficient tool to create publications

To help you out, PagePlus SE has templates that you can use to start your designs. When you launch the application, you have to choose the size of the document that you're going to create. From there onwards, PagePlus SE provides the tools and you, the imagination necessary.

You'll be able to import documents from Microsoft Excel and Access, create master pages that you will be able to use as a base, choose themes for your documents with the same range of color, easily draw diverse ways or create artistic texts with transparency effects and different fillings.

A great alternative to Microsoft Publisher.

Let your imagination run wild and create professional documents with PagePlus SE.

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Antony Peel
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