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Panda Antivirus scans your computer in search of malware. Download Panda Antivirus for free and increase the security of your Linux distribution immediately

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Linux is known for being a secure and sturdy system, that is less fragile than other operating systems against virus attacks. But, even so, it's recommendable to configure the system properly and remain alert against the threats that can come from the Internet. For this last purpose it's essential to use a security solution of renowned efficiency like Panda Antivirus.

  The protection provided by Panda Antivirus works against all kinds of malware: the conventional viruses, the (now) unusual dialers, spyware, the specific tools used by hackers, etc.

  With this application it's possible to scan all the hard drive or a specific route on the hard drive. To do so, you only have to launch the application from the terminal by typing in: pavcl route. Furthermore, you'll be able to modify the configuration of the antivirus modifying its parameters. You can check all this information by launching pavcl -help.

  If you want to have extra protection for your favorite Linux distribution, download Panda Antivirus.
Requirements and additional information:
It is necessary to have a Linux distribution that is compatible with RPM files.
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