Download Pando for free to share large files on the Internet. Use the Pando server to be able to easily and quickly share any of your files over the web

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The systems to share files on the Internet emerged thanks to their many advantages. Pando is a tool which allows you to share and download all sorts of files of large size with other users.

How does it work?

The formula used by Pando combines the benefits of direct downloads and P2P programs. First select files that you want to share. Pando will upload a copy to its server and send an email to the addressee together with an attached file with the “.pando” extension, which contains the necessary data to locate the file and download it. Exactly the same as a torrent.

A great solution for such a bothersome problem.

The user simply has to launch the file and directly download it from the Pando servers using the P2P protocol. All transfers are encrypted.

When working with instant messaging clients it creates a link which can be copied and pasted to your contacts. If on the contrary you use the web system, Pando creates a widget with the code to be embedded on the page.


  • Program to share file free.
  • Share files by email, instant messaging client or website.
  • Work with files and folders of large size, weighing up to 1 GB.
  • Upload and download files by means of a dedicated manager.
  • The storage time on Pando servers is limited.
  • Secure transfers by means of encrypted data.

Thanks for sharing

Pando offers us many advantages in our day to day. Put a stop to the limitations to the files that you share by email. The '.pando' files hardly weigh 10 kb, just enough to store the location data necessary.

Free space in your inbox, publish contents on your website easily, find out when and how many times a file has been downloaded...

Download Pando for free and you'll be able to send all kinds of files to your contacts in a quick, easy and flexible manner.

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