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Pandora is a music streaming service that claims to offer the most accurate music recommendations. Pandora analyzes up to 400 elements in each song

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In 2000 several researchers started up a project with the idea of creating a tool capable of identifying different elements of a song, such as its melody, harmony or lyrics, among many others. The objective was to be able to classify any song and recommend similar music, and that's how Pandora appeared.

The best music recommendations

Now, as an online radio, Pandora offers us music via streaming and with the capacity to discover new artists according to four hundred different attributes identified in each song. Thus, we're talking about one of most accurate online music services that we can find on the Internet.

About 400 attributes are analyzed to recommend music.

Main features

  • Play music via streaming.
  • Accurate discovery and recommendation of new artists.
  • Playlists.
  • Music organized by styles.
  • Possibility to purchase albums and songs.
  • Access to lyrics.

If as well as listening to your favorite music, you fancy discovering new artists similar to the latter, don't hesitate and sign up on Pandora.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The free version contains adverts.
  • Access to this service is restricted to residents in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.
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